Keywords & URLs Rank Tracking Dashboard

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Get detailed insights on your organic traffic growth with our rank tracking report. This dashboard is all you need in your keyword tracking process.

Required Connectors:

Google Search Console



How do I track a keyword position?

If you want to track your keyword position using Google Looker Studio, you can do so by creating a keyword rank tracking dashboard. This dashboard will allow you to track your keyword position over time and track the progress of your SEO campaigns. To create the keyword rank tracking dashboard, you will need to connect to a data source that contains your keyword data. Once you have connected to this data source, you can then add a chart to track your keyword position. In addition, you can also add filters to your dashboard to track the progress of specific keywords.

Why is keyword rank tracking important?

If you’re running a website, it’s important to track your keyword rank in order to see how well your site is performing in search engines. There are a number of tools that you can use to track keyword rank, but one of the most user-friendly is Google Looker Studio. With Looker Studio, you can create a keyword rank tracking dashboard that lets you see how your keywords are performing over time. You can also add filters to your dashboard so that you can see keyword data for specific countries or devices. Rank tracking is an essential part of SEO, and Looker Studio’s keyword rank tracking makes it easy to see how your site is performing.

Benefits of using Looker Studio keyword rank tracking template?

There are several benefits to using this dashboard template for keyword rank tracking. First, it can help you to identify trends in your keyword rankings. This information can be used to adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. Second, the template makes it easy to share your data with others. You can generate a link to your dashboard and send it to colleagues or clients. Finally, we offer free support if you have any questions about using our dashboard templates.

Overall, the keyword rank tracking dashboard template from is a helpful tool for SEO professionals. It can be used to track keyword rankings and identify trends over time.

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  1. Robin

    Very useful, clean way to track keywords directly by using Search Console data rather than using 3rd party tools. Great work!

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