We stand behind all digital marketing dashboards and report templates within Dashpert.com, and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, due to the digital nature of these products, we provide no refunds on any purchase.

But why?

Can you imagine subscribing to a webinar on digital marketing only to ask for a refund because you didn’t like the experience? Or, buying a couple of images from Shutterstock and then asking for a refund because they weren’t quite as good as you’d hoped they would be? Ludicrous, right?

Digital products are virtual items that you can pay for and download instantly. Unfortunately, these items can’t usually be returned, as they are licensed or accessed on a subscription basis.

At Dashpert.com, all our digital marketing templates are instant digital downloads which is why we provide No Refunds on them. Instead, we encourage our customers to carefully review a product’s full listing details and reach out with any questions before committing their hard-earned money. If you preview a dashboard or report template for some reason and are not entirely satisfied with its theme or layout, you most likely shouldn’t buy it.

Don’t be that guy who commits to something and cancels, flakes out, or doesn’t take time to review an item before making a purchase. Remember, all our marketing dashboards and reporting templates are digital in nature. So, there’s no way to verify if you’ve downloaded them, used them, or even made copies.

Your access to and use of these digital products is conditioned on your acceptance of this No Refund policy. By accessing or using Dashpert.com, you agree to this policy. If you disagree with this No Refund policy, your access to digital marketing templates available within Dashpert.com may be terminated.

Thank you.